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Hello: My name is Zalee Harris.

In addition to my business venues,  I am an author and blogger for my web site at

"What The F Happened" (WTFH!)

WTFH is a blog site that attract and invite people of all walks to participate in open public discourse on matters that affects us all. Check me out, Click Here!

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 The World's Smartest Business Card along with many products and services. 

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IBOtoolbox is a state-of-the-art marketing platform that levels the playing field for the Independent business owner.

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ZOPS Mgmt Firm

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ZOPSmgmt FIRM is an operational and business management consultant firm that helps clients optimize their business by diversifying products, expanding their income streams, and enhancing their marketing strategies.

As a business-to-business service provider, we pride ourselves on being responsive and professional. The business models we offer are diversified and have been vetted to provide a well-rounded portfolio of products and services. Partnering with ZOPSmgmt Firm and/or becoming our client/customer means you made the right decision and are in good hands.

We look forward to serving you!

Beacon Technology used to create proximity marketing for all kinds of messaging needs in all industries!

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Every human needs the 90-Essential Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, and Supplements needed for the body to heal itself.

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A Prepaid Credit Card Marketed by ZTegrity, Backed by META Bank and Mastercard, and insured by the FDIC!