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​​My ZBlackcard is a Prepaid Credit Card and it is PRICELESS!

Since 2014, instead of shopping and buying gifts that our family or friends will return anyway, how easy has it become for us to simply give a prepaid credit card of retail gift card? Look at this picture. Does it remind you of yourself, spending hours in stores reading the very small print before purchasing these fee laden prepaid credit cards, hoping to select the one with the least amount of charges, fees, and hidden costs? Did you know there is an industry for collecting balances left on several million spent prepaid credit cards that has less than $10.

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In a report produced by '', in 2002, $1 Billion dollars was loaded onto prepaid credit cards. It is estimated that by 2018, more than $112 Billion dollars will be loaded onto prepaid credit cards. In their October 5, 2016 report, '' documents that new prepaid debit card rules, added protections, and improvement transparencies are supposed to take effect in October, 2017.

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Hello Visitors:

Allow me to introduce to you my ZBlackcard Prepaid Credit Card. My ZBlackcard prepaid credit card is designed, created, and marketed by ZTegrity.

My ZBlackcard is the best prepaid Debit Card on the market in the United States and soon will be an International financial explosion!

A little bit about me:

I am 60 years old. Due to the physical limitations of the disability that afflicted my body since my battle with breast cancer in 2014, I am not able to seek and gain employment. Because of neuropathy in my fingers brought on my Chemo I use a touch-screen-pen to type and because I also have neuropathy in both feet, I am unable to drive, stand or sit for long periods, and/or walk without a sturdy cane.

When I started this Blog in 2013, I had high hopes. It was my desire that by now I would have posted hundreds of blogs and to be making thousands of dollars.  That did not happen. Today, I suffer greatly with pain from swelling associated Lymphedema, a secondary incurable disease resulting from the treatment received during bilateral breast surgery, which limits the time and energy I have to spend on my passion for blogging; much less anything else.

In the late 1990's, I watched the job market bottom out and fell victim to no longer having a living wage 'career'.

Finding myself being 'too old' in 2001 (40 something), to keep my $90,000.00+ career in IT/Telecom and unable to live off of the less than $40,000.00 a year 'job' that was being offered that is, if I demonstrated I had the skills and certified education to prove I was qualified to work in a different industry, I quickly learned the value in Network Marketing. (I provided this personal information for those that do not know me.)

Today, some 20+ years later, I know that for so many reasons, most people are not able to land a job and if they did, they would not be paid a decent income. Most compete with several thousand young people for the same online job listing and/or find themselves working more than two jobs...and still are unable take a week off; don't even think about taking an annual vacation 500 miles south of where they live.

Like you, I need money and I need it now. I like network marketing because I do not believe that we should put all our eggs in one basket.

While you might not need or see value in all the products that I offer you, I believe that sooner or later one of the products I market will hit you and make you passionate enough about that product to share the product with others - thus Network Marketing.

According to [‘’, credit card fees and interest rates help determine your true cost of borrowing. In the past decade, regulatory and market changes have impacted those costs.    The Credit CARD Act of 2009 set limits on rate increases, and on fees that could be charged to credit card holders. The card industry changed in response to the law. Instead of offering low rates upfront with big back-end rate hikes, it became more transparent and set truer upfront rates. That has resulted in slightly higher initial rates for consumers, but fewer surprise punitive fees and rate hikes.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says if fees had continued at pre-CARD-Act levels, consumers would have paid an additional $16 Billion in fees from the beginning of 2011 through the end of 2014.]

On March 12, 2017, '' published a report that list the Top 8 Credit Card Rewards for people with excellent credit. Click Here to review the credit ratings and credit scores you would have to have and maintain to be eligible for rewards offered by one of these eight (8 Credit Cards).  With ZBlackcard, you do not have to have an excellent credit score to enjoy the rewards promised by these credit cards. In fact, the rewards promised by these eight (8 Credit Cards) do not come close to comparing to the Ultra Elite Rewards you would receive from ZTegrity simply by referring others to become a ZBlackcard customer and/or Affiliate.

My ZBlackcard is the perfect prepaid credit card for parents and students because there are no fees that eat away at the balance.

The ZBlackcard has Elite Rewards for everyday uses and no transaction or monthly fees!

This brings me to my latest offering. It is called the ZBlackcard; by ZTegrity and Mastercard. The ZBlackcard is a prepaid credit card or bank debit card that three months ago, as of the posting of this blog, became the hottest prepaid credit card in America.

In my opinion, ZTegrity's  ZBlackcard is 'THE' prepaid credit card problem solver because not only are there no hidden costs, no fees, or surcharges; the advantages of being an Affiliate/Distributor has an Ultra Elite Rewards Program and a compensation plan that as you read this blog, is affecting the competitive structure of the network marketing industry. For just being a single user card-holder, you receive $15 on each referral and there's no limit to VIP rewards and commissions that can be generated by marketing any or all the products offered by ZTegrity!

ZBlackcard prepaid credit card program is a mini bank; meaning that each prepaid credit card comes with its own routing and account numbers just like a real bank because it is a real bank.

This means that in addition to using the 16 digits of your ZBlackcard to activate your prepaid credit card, you have a unique ZBlackcard bank routing and account number so that your government, military, contractor, or corporate employer can deposit your paycheck or tax returns directly onto your ZBlackcard prepaid credit debit card via the federally approved, ACH Direct Deposit system. You can also track and monitor all transactions through your free online account management portal, which includes receiving state-of-the-art text alerts and security notifications about your ZBlackcard account.

For more details about the ZBlackcard, the start up, and ZTegrity's President and CEO, Mr. Troy Mason, click here and click on About Us. Click on the Acquire Button at the top right of my website to acquire a ZBlackcard and if you are ready, come on, sign-up to become an Affiliate on my team.

The ZBlackcard prepaid credit card program is a mini bank; meaning that each prepaid credit card comes with its own bank routing and account number just like a real bank. This means that you can set up your ZBlackcardPrepaid credit card for your government, military, contractor, or corporate employer to deposit your paycheck or tax returns  directly onto your ZBlackcard prepaid credit debit card.

Because unlike other Prepaid Credit Card and Debit Card programs, people who are unable to open a personal or business checking or savings account because they do not have the minimum required opening balance, or due to unpaid overdrafts, terrible credit, failed business ventures, or other financial problems with their banks can benefit greatly by having a ZBlackcard of their own because:

1.  They will not have overdrafts charges. (They can earn enough in commission to correct what is owed banks or creditors). The only usage fee that ZBlackcard charges is for failure to use the ZBlackcard within 180-days and that fee is $4.95! The ZBlackcard does not charge fees for each individual usage, to transfer and load money between cards or banks, there are no monthly administration costs or fees, no balance inquiry fees, no minimum balance requirements, no ATM fees at 70,000 ATMs, no fees for paper statements, no point of sale fees, no fees for bank teller cash withdrawals, no fees for postal money orders, etc..

2. You lose money with other Prepaid Credit Cards because the monthly fees and other admin fees eats away at the card's balance. Not so with the ZBlackcard.

3. The ZBlackcard  is International!


My ZBlackcard is the problem-solver... especially for:

1.  People that cannot open a personal or business bank account because of bank fees, minimum opening amounts, regulations, and/or previous bad bank issues can Acquire a ZBlackcard and use it as their own bank complete with a routing and account number and prepaid credit debit card. (Repeated for emphasis)

2. People that want to protect their identity when shopping and purchasing goods, products, and services, online use the ZBlackcard instead of their bank debit card.

3. Parents can provide their adult children or child attending college with a ZBlackcard. Transferred funds are immediately received on each ZBlackcard with no fees for the transfer or the individual transaction.

4. You can load your ZBlackcard with any other prepaid cards and not be hit with fees by ZBlackcard's Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards.

5. ZBlackcard is extremely popular because ZTegrity basically brought world class rewards and perks normally reserved for the card holders of some of the most prestigious credit cards in the world to the prepaid credit card industry. It is common place for ultra high end credit cards to have annual fees and it is this annual fee that allows them to provide their card holders with amazing rewards.   We are simply doing the exact same thing but we are doing it in the prepaid credit card market.

How can you use the ZBlackcard for commercial business or a non-profit organization:

6. The ZBlackcard can also be branded for businesses and organizations.  This allows you to gain real customers by helping these entities pay their employees, contractors, and vendors through their own ZBlackcard or a church or other organization can create their own ZBlackcard for their own members and vendors.

7. ZTegritY offers loans that can help you build credit, using Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.

With the savings realized by not having to pay load or transfer fees, a company that has 200 employees benefits greatly because they can also purchase the ZBlackcard in bulk at $50 each. Example: The 200 ZBlackcards at $50 = $10,000. As the Affiliate for this order, you earn a 30% commission or $3,000.

When you join my team as a ZTegrity Affiliate, you will receive 8 FREE websites and a well organized FREE Administrative Back-office to help you market great business building products available in each ZTegrity portfolio. Each ZTegrity product has free marketing tools and strategies and separate commission structures.  (For example Click Here)

Unlike other leaders, I will show my Affiliates how to market ZTegrity's products to real customers using the many marketing tools created by ZTegrity that are uniquely designed to save human and pet lives and save and make lots of money.

Click Here to learn more about perks and reward programs and see how wonderful the marketing tools are designed.

Click Here to watch a webinar about the ZBlackcard Opportunity. Click on Opportunity, Recorded Webinar, and then watch the Q&A video.

Click Here to take an online marketing survey to see how a marketing tool each ZBlackcard Affiliate receives to help grow their business.

Jot down the information below to participate in ZTegrity's Blackcard Webinar:

M-F at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time - US (EST)

Now that you are ready to get started, ClickHere and click on the Acquire button at the top right of my website.  Provide your email address, chose the type of ZBlackcard you desire and complete the form.

A very professional ZBlackcard Kit will be mailed to you in a few days. All you have to do is activate the card using the highly secure Online Activation Process. Once your new ZBlackcard is activated, click on the ACH link to follow the highly secure instructions to turn your ZBlackcard into a mini bank by using your ZBlackcard's unique bank routing and account number. Set aside time to set your ZBlackcard up to replace the current bank credit card you use for online purchasing with your new ZBlackcard prepaid credit card. This will prevent hackers from having access to your main bank and will limit how much money that can be stolen from you should you lose the card or is ever robbed.

I ask that you respect the honor system of the hard work I put into the research for posting this Blog. Therefore, if what you learned from my Blog or information posted on any of my social media accounts,  causes you to want to, or helped you decide to own a ZBlackcard and/or become a ZTegrity ZBlackcard Affiliate, please click here to sign up under me.

Or, if you need more information, click here to watch this short video and provide me with your contact details.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me via my vCard Global online Smart Business Card

Thank you and welcome to my ZTegrity Team.