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vCard Global is less than 6-months old!

We are preparing for our official October, 2016 launch!

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Zalee Harris


Business could be here too!

Victoria Hendricks

(Life, Disability, & Final Expense Insurance)

Patrick Rand

(Photographer Video Graphics)

Katrina Alston

(WebMaster & Logo Developer)

vCard Affiliate

Paul Randall

(National Anti-Foreclosure Advocate)

Margaret Pope

(AVON Representative)

Coach Richard & Annie Samuels

(President & CEO Coach4Travel)

Deanne Warfield

(Hand-in-Hand MGMT Team)

Princess Bealsey

(Commercial Trucking)

Deryck Jones

President Leatherneck Tech, Inc

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my vCard Global Team building project. Yes, you need a vCard from vCard Global. And I want you on my team. 

If you do not have a website, once you activate your vCard, vCard Global will assign you a web site URL; and its all FREE! Your URL for your vCard will look like this (yourusername.123look.com)

Share your vCard via, text, email, or social media with anyone with computer or with a Smart Phone.   The difference between the vCard and an old-fashion paper business card is that you can upgrade, add, or make changes as often as you want and whoever has your vCard will always have the latest version of your contact info!

People in:

Real Estate, construction, electricians, plumbing, labor, subcontractors, small business, and engineering.

People in politics, religions, schools, law enforcement, media, high tech, consulting, beauty...etc...

MLM or Network Marketing (all businesses)

Students, job seekers, military, special interests, security, banking, etc...

Business Owners of all industries

Trucking companies, oil, hauling, sales, service, etc...

DJ's, bartenders, musicians, actors, speakers, models, retired, non-profits, foundations, etc...

You get the idea. 

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 Harold McCorkle

(Ambit Energy)

Valencia Dalton


Anthony Hunter

(PFGlobal - Financial Services)

Otha Alexander

(Marketing Solutions)

Alforna Holt

ZLicense Medial Tag

Pamela Robinson

(Biz & Finance Mentor)

Spicie General

(12K VIP Brand Promoter


Patricia ThompsonOlawuyi

(Nigerian ART Import/Export)

Erika Grant

Executive VP MyEcon

Sandra Kaye

(International Jazz Artist)

Paul Rice-1

(United Games)

Paul Rice-2

Evolution Travel

Loreen Lawrence

(Leverage Enterprises)

Dan Hughes



Each team member listed above is either a vCard B2B member or are vCard Affiliate team builders

I'm spot-lighting vCard Pro and vCard Affiliates leaders on my team.

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Brenda Snowden

(Reg. Mgr. Pain Relief)

Emanuel Osborne

(Minister, Motivational Leader, Author)

Damon Beasley

(Black-Owned Cement Construction - Mid-Atlanic)

Design Your vCard Now

Tristan Curry - vCard Marketing Affiliate

Marketing & Team Building Expert

(Legal Shield) & (vCard Marketing)

Indira Wilburn

(Lola Star - Broadcasting and Voice Animation)

Steve Brown

(V.P. Sales & Marketing

PEO Brokers Group)

Keith Little

(MD State Auto Inspection & Auto, Truck, Classic Car Repairs and Customs)

Renisha Times

(Professional Chef)

Joseph Harris

(Street-Rod Consultant)

I not only want you to see examples of how people are using the vCard, but I invite you to do business with these awesome leaders. Feel Free to click on the vCard links below!  I'll add more vCard PROs & Affiliates as my team grows.

Zalee Harris - vCard Team Leader

ZOPSmgmt Firm

(Business Development

& vCard Marketing Affiliate)

Laurie O'Regan-1

(vCard Affiliate - Austrilia)

Laurie O'Regan-2

(Pet Protector)