After 28 years in the telecom industry I retired and started my own home-based business in 2002. 

In 2014, as a result in a serious battle with Stage II IDC Breast Cancer, I became disabled with Lymphedema. Lymphedema is a disease that is not only very painful but is incurable.

Given the short amount of time I have during the day, and my physical  limitations, I have to vet and choose carefully what I am able to do to promote my business.  Based on my physical limitations, I only offer the kind of online marketing products that truly helps people; trust me, it is not about the money.

I offer the following products and services: Business2Business  marketing promotion tools and apps for your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

I recently became a Mastercard provider because I want to help people save money by owning a prepaid credit/debit bank card that does not charge fees that eat away their hard earn money. What this card does and offers is truly Priceless

If you need minerals make up, MK Jewelry, essential oils, and my absolute personal favorite; health and wellness products that addresses a variety of health issues, revives, prevents and heals over 900 diseases, then you're gonna love my 90ForLife Products

Read my business blogs and contact me immediately. I want you to partner with you to help build teams of business-minded professional that desire to save time, save lives, heal people, make global friends, and have fun helping others. 

If this is what you are looking for, then I’m your wo-man!

For more information, send me a request, click on Contact Us or call me at (301) 894-0750. Call for a free no obligation telephone business discussion!

Oh, one more thing. I care about God, Family, and Country. I blog  about issues that affects us all. Please feel free to engage in the kind of discourse that will bring about change. I named my blog, What The F Happened to draw attention to the issues and why things are. There is no limit to my discussion. I look forward to working with you, helping you, and or, engaging you.

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