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Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie, 1991 Nobel Prize Nominee, Veterinarian turned doctor, founded Youngevity in 1994 as the means to deliver his life saving Mighty-90 Healthy Start Products to every human in the world. His crusade is to give every human the 90-Essential Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, and Supplements needed for the body to heal itself. Take the Mighty-90 for 90-days, then maintain your body's immune system necessary to sustain a healthy life.

Youngevity offers healthy coffee, healthy chocolate, healthy minerals make-up, and any essential oil, vitamin, or supplement you can imagine, liquid herbs, liquid nutrients, vitamins in citrate/malate form for quick release into the body's cells - all of which are 100% natural and in most cases able to reverse the negative effects of over 900 infections and diseases. Dr. Wallach and his team of Life Scientists has tailored a secret sauce regiment designed to address your unique physical condition or desired health goal. 

However, if you are not interested in nutrients, vitamins, weight loss or management or energy drinks, visit my site anyway just to shop for special beauty or products for your pet or garden.

As a Youngevity Representative, I offer natural mineral make up foundations (& cover), eye, lip, brow, and facial and feet spas. MK Jewelry. Soul Purpose (Organic Candles and Oils). Good Foods. Heritage Makers (Crafts & Stationary). Quanta Water Catalyst (alkaline products). Biometrics.  Dog or Cat Vitamins, Supplements, and tasty healthy chews or treats designed specifically to address joint, dental, skin, coat, digestive, sight, or  pain issues. I also offer minerals to help make your flower or veggie garden reach its healthiest potential.

Before you go to another drug store or a so-called health food store, Click Here to shop, study, and/or order from over 400 products.  Thank You